Judaism by Choice, Los Angeles, CA


Judaism by Choice offers resources and services for those recently converted to Judaism, interested in conversion, and members of the Jewish community wishing to learn more about the Jewish religion, people and culture.

Rabbi El'azar said: The Holy One exiled Israel among the nations only in order that converts might join them. – Babylonian Talmud, Pesachim 87b


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Upcoming Events

Shabbat Morning Services

February 28

Purim Masquerade Party

March 7

Shabbat Dinner at Sinai Temple

March 13

Shabbat Morning Services

March 14

Havdalah Wine and Food Party

March 14

Shabbat Dinner at Temple Beth Am

March 20

Passover Seder

April 4

10-day Israel Tour 2015

May 17–26, 2015