Rabbi Neal Weinberg’s Classes for Jews and non-Jews

Rabbi Neal Weinberg

Dear Friends: 

We welcome you to Judaism by Choice Classes where the richness of the Jewish heritage and religion can be learned along with discussion of the pertinent issues of becoming and being Jewish. 

Our independent and inter-denominational classes are an extension of the successful program my wife Miri and I established in 2005. Judaism by Choice fills the unmet needs of Jews by Choice and those seeking the wisdom of Judaism through Shabbat dinners and morning services, Havdalah Socials, holiday events and our annual trip to Israel. 

Our goal is simply to enrich the lives of our students through the beauty of Judaism. 

Warmly, Rabbi Neal Weinberg

Register for Judaism by Choice Classes

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak in Los Angeles and all over the States, we have to postpone all of our classes until further notice. We will resume our courses as soon as the CDC will inform us that the situation improved completely.

Judaism by Choice offers a comprehensive 18-session course designed for adult individuals as well as Jewish and inter-religious couples. Classes are offered Monday and Wednesday nights, Tuesday and Thursday nights, Sunday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Classes can be taken once a week or twice a week, or at your own pace. Missed classes can be made up at a later date.

You are welcome to enroll in any class, at any time.

You have an option to pay with a credit card below, or a check made out to Judaism by Choice, or cash. If there are any financial difficulties, we will work out payments to make the program more affordable. Please contact us if you have any questions about class registration.

Classes for Individuals

Classes for Individuals

Classes for Couples

Classes for Couples ($105 savings)