Judaism by Choice Schedule of Classes

Judaism by Choice students will learn:

  • Jewish History and Literature from Biblical, Rabbinic and Medieval periods through the Modern era.

  • Jewish Theology, Philosophy and Mysticism

  • The importance of Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath) and Jewish Holidays

  • Jewish Values

  • Prayers, Traditions and Rituals

  • The Jewish Circle of Life: Birth, Education, Bar and Bat Mitzvah, marriage and Death.

  • The Hebrew Language.

Judaism by Choice 18-session Course Program


Judaism by Choice is very excited to announce that we will be resuming our classes on ZOOM beginning on June 7th.

Each class will be divided into two 90 minute sessions to make it more easily digestible. The classes will take place from 7-8:30PM on Sundays and Wednesdays.

One can enter the cycle at anytime. One needs to do both classes for each topic to get full credit for the class. If one misses a class, they will have to take the class when the cycle starts again.
If you are interested to join our classes for the first time, please call us at (888) 539-2924.

When synagogue open up again, we will update you on the schedule of our classes at Temple Beth Am.

ZOOM CYCLE: June 7 – October 7

All classes taught by Rabbi Neal Weinberg

1. JUNE 7 &10                               Introduction: Who is a Jew? Who are the Jews? What is Judaism? The Different movements in                                                              American Judaism

2. JUNE 14 & 17                            Shabbat I

3. JUNE 21 & 24                            Shabbat II

4. JUNE 28 & JULY 1                    Biblical Period (History and Torah)

5. JULY 6 & JULY 8                       Biblical Period II (Prophets and Writings)
(Monday because of the 4th of July Weekend)

6. JULY 12 &15                               Biblical Ideas

7. JULY 19 & 22                              Chanukah, Tu B’Shevat & Purim

8. JULY 26 & 29                              Rabbinic Period (History and Literature)

9. AUGUST 2 & 5                            Judaism and Christianity

10. AUGUST 9 &12                         High Holidays

11. AUGUST 16 &19                        Jewish Holidays

12. AUGUST 23 & 26                       Passover

13. AUGUST 30 & SEPT 2.              Medieval Period

14. SEPT 8 & SEPT 9                       Jewish Mysticism and Birth I
(Tuesday because September 6-7 is Labor Day)

15. SEPT 13 & SEPT 16                    Birth II and Marriage

16. SEPT 21 & SEPT 23                    Death and Jewish Parenting
(Monday because September 20 is Rosh Hashana)

17. SEPT 29 & SEPT 30                    Modern Era and Holocaust
(Tuesday because September 28 is Yom Kippur)

18. OCTOBER 5 & OCTOBER 7       Zionism and Israel, American Judaism
(Monday because Sukkot is on October 4)