Judaism By Choice Classes

Interested in learning more about Judaism?

Judaism by Choice offers a comprehensive 19-session course designed for adult individuals as well as Jewish and inter-religious couples taught under the direction of Rabbi Neal Weinberg, a nationally recognized expert on intermarriage and conversion issues.

Judaism by Choice is proud to offer our classes on Zoom !
Our program includes students from all across the United States and around the world, from such places as Brazil, Germany, and Thailand.
Each week focuses on a different topic divided into two 2 hour sessions. The classes take place on Sundays and Wednesdays from 7-9PM (Los Angeles Time). You must attend both classes to get credit, but if you miss one session, Judaism by Choice will send you a recording of that class for you to view. 
One can enter our program at anytime and not wait until a new cycle begins. One can makeup or retake classes when they come up again in the next cycle.

Judaism by Choice offers classes for Jews and non-Jews, and those interested in conversion through the Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist movements recognized by the State of Israel. You are welcome to enroll in any class, at any time.

Who are these classes for?

This program has something for everyone, including:

Non-Jews considering conversion recognized by the State of Israel through the Conservative, Reform and Reconstructionist movements.

Non-Jews who do not want to convert but want to learn because they are curious about Judaism or are in a relationship with a Jew.

Jews who want to learn more about their heritage in order to live a fuller and more meaningful Jewish life.

Meet our Faculty

Classes are taught in a caring, nurturing and entertaining way by Judaism by Choice founders, Rabbi Neal Weinberg and his wife Miri Weinberg.

  • Rabbi Neal Weinberg

    Rabbinic Director and Instructor
    Rabbi Neal Weinberg serves as Rabbinic Director of Judaism by Choice. He is a nationally recognized expert on intermarriage and conversion issues who has taught classes for Jews, non-Jews and those interested in converting to Judaism for over 25 years.

    A native of West Los Angeles, Rabbi Weinberg earned his Bachelor Degree in Music from the University of Southern California School of Music and a Master’s Degree in the study of Religion from Temple University in Philadelphia. He has studied at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, American Jewish University and Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles. Rabbi Weinberg was ordained as Rabbi at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College, and has been affiliated with Conservative Judaism’s Rabbinical Assembly since 1988. Rabbi Weinberg received Honorary Doctorates from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 2003 and from the Jewish Theological Seminary in 2005.

    Rabbi Weinberg has long been active in Jewish outreach. He has had numerous articles published in local and national periodicals and has appeared on several television programs. Rabbi Weinberg is often invited to speak in the Jewish community about intermarriage and conversion issues.

    He served as a pulpit rabbi at synagogues in Lancaster, California and Pacific Palisades, founded and was rabbi of the Malibu Jewish Center and Synagogue and served as rabbi at Temple Judea in Laguna Woods, California. For many years, he served on the Executive Committee of the Western Region of the Rabbinical Assembly. In 2005 Rabbi Weinberg and his wife Miri created Judaism by Choice to fill the unmet needs of Jews by Choice and those seeking the wisdom of Judaism.

    Rabbi Weinberg and Miri have two grown sons.

  • Miri Weinberg

    Hebrew Instructor
    Miri Weinberg grew up in Israel in Jerusalem. She graduated from Hebrew University where she studied Jewish philosophy and the Hebrew language at Hebrew University, Jerusalem.. She works with Rabbi Weinberg and the Board to make sure the organization is running smoothly. She is the instructor of the program in teaching how to read Hebrew. She imparts spirituality and philosophy to the students that enhances the program.

Judaism by Choice has the support and recommendation of the following rabbis:

  • Rabbi David Wolpe

    Sinai Temple, Westwood (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Nicole Guzik

    Sinai Temple, Westwood (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Jason Fruithandler

    Sinai Temple, Westwood (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Erez Sherman

    Sinai Temple, Westwood (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Adam Kligfeld

    Temple Beth Am, West Los Angeles (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Ari Lucas

    Temple Beth Am, West Los Angeles (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Ed Feinstein

    Valley Beth Shalom, Encino (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Joshua Hoffman

    Valley Beth Shalom, Encino (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Dan Shevitz

    Mishkon Tephilo, Venice (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Gabriel Botnick

    Mishkon Tephilo, Venice (Conservative)
  • Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh

    Temple Israel of Hollywood (Reform)
  • Rabbi Eli Herscher

    Stephen S. Wise Temple (Reform)
  • Rabbi Judith HaLevy

    Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue (Reconstructionist)
  • Rabbi Mordecai Finley

    Ohr HaTorah, Mar Vista (Independent)
  • Rabbi David Baron

    Temple of the Arts, Beverly Hills (Independent)

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